How to prepare for GMAT 2024?

An MBA aspirant would have to understand the importance of the GMAT exam if they wish to get into the best business school going through this way. While the preparation for the GMAT could be possible with self-discipline, relevant study material, and motivation, it demands the right approach beforehand. That means you will have to study either by joining a coaching institute or on your own.

These two approaches work adequately, however, depending on your preferences and priorities.  Being a widespread entrance exam, the GMAT holds an extreme level of competition. Preparing for the GMAT exam in the right direction using a planned strategy will undoubtedly help you secure your position in the business school you want to attend, as well as help you secure scholarships.

how to prepare for gmat 2024

About GMAT Exam 2024

The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test which is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Students apply for GMAT 2024 exam to get admission into top business schools across India and all over the world which provide courses like MBA, PGDM etc. In total, students appearing for the GMAT 2024 exam can apply for over 7000 programs provided by 2400 universities worldwide. GMAT exam assesses the skills of the candidate which are highly recommended for business and management programs. This is a computer-based exam which can be attended at any test centers or online at your home. This GMAT exam 2024 is available throughout the year for every 24 hours of the day. An average of 2 Lakh people appear for the GMAT exam 2024 worldwide.

Highlight OF GMAT Exam

Exam name
Graduate Management Admission Test
Commonly known asGMAT
Exam level
International Level Exam
Conducting Body
Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
GMAT 2024 Registration modeOnline
GMAT 2024 Exam ModeOnline
GMAT Current version test duration
3 hours and 7 min
GMAT 2024 focus Edition test duration2 hours 15 min
GMAT cost(approx.)Rs. 21000/-
GMAT focus Edition exam feeRs. 21000/-
GMAT exam fee payment options
Credit Card and Debit Card
Chances for Re-attempts
Overall 8 attempts (only 5 chances per year)

GMAT 2024 Study Material-

The best books for GMAT 2023 preparation are accessible, along with study guides and GMAT study plans, if you want to prepare for the GMAT on your own time. GMAC offers free software and an official study guide. To assist in organizing your study schedule, check the GMAT 2023 books and resources listed below:

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 2022 – It has more than 900  GMAT questions from previous paper, a diagnostic area to help you decide where to concentrate your study, and valuable test-taking advice and techniques are all included in this study book to help you get the score you desire.
  • Free GMATPrep Software – This software has ninety free questions with explanations and answers, including thirty quantitative, forty verbal, and fifteen integrated reasoning problems. It also has features to help you make your own practice question set and two lengthy practice exams with answers..
  • Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides – The following are included in this set: the GMAT Roadmap; algebra; word problems; geometry; number properties; critical reasoning; reading comprehension; sentence correction; integrated reasoning and essay; fractions, decimals, and percents.
  • Kaplan GMAT 800: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students – Test-taking advice, tried-and-true methods for achieving an 800, and specific instructions for handling each kind of question make this the ultimate study guide for the most driven student.

GMAT Preparation Tips: Integrated Reasoning Section

These are 12 questions in a 30 minute session. Ideally, a test taker should finish with this section within 25 minutes and use the remaining 5 minutes for revision and checking the unsolved queries.

Be sure you fully understand all topics, including table analysis and visual interpretation, so you can take the GMAT test with confidence.

For exam preparation, go through the books and study materials.

GMAT Preparation Tips: Quantitative Section

This section has 31 questions with the time limit of  62 minutes

While studying, go over challenges about data sufficiency and problem-solving.
To whole GMAT course, practice both 

simple and complex problems.

Your accuracy will go up if you are able to memorize the formulas for math used in these topics

GMAT Preparation Tips: Verbal Section

The section dedicated to analytical writing has a 30-minute time limit. Make it a goal to complete the writing assignment in 25 minutes,using the final five minutes for editing the written work.Make reading a habit and try to read about a variety of subjects.

Check books that will be very beneficial in getting ready for the writing portion.

Check articles containing debates on pertinent subjects and provide examples. Make an effort to retain key information about a subject and practice it often so that you can utilize it in your writing.

Write about a variety of subjects and highlight points that are supported by proof.

Look to speed up so that you can effectively manage your time.

Prepare for GMAT Exam: Tips and tricks

1. Familiarity with GMAT content and format

To start, you first need to familiarize yourself with the GMAT syllabus and pattern. Understanding how the test works will help in referring to authentic GMAT study material, as well as preparing the best study plan. The GMAT is a two-hour 15 minutes long assessment exam that revolves around four sections – Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. AWA Section: evaluates applicant’s ability to communicate and think critically IR Section: it measures the ability to interpret information shown in various formats and analyze data. Verbal Section: measures applicant’s reading comprehensive skills, editing abilities, and sense of written arguments. Quantitative Section: measure the applicant’s ability to solve reason maths, and quantitative issues, and interpret graphic data. Also, take a look at the GMAT pattern as per sections individually Number of questions (total) – 80 Analytical Writing Assessment – 1 Essay in 30 Minutes Integrated Reasoning – 12 Questions in 30 minutes Quantitative Reasoning – 31 Questions in 62 Minutes Verbal Reasoning – 36 Questions in 65 minutes Reasoning – 36 Questions in 65 minutes

2. Prepare a study plan

Among all the critical approaches, preparing a suitable plan for the GMAT is relatively tricky. With the right plan, it is possible to save as much preparation time. Hence, your next step in the journey of GMAT preparation is creating a customized study plan that suits your priorities. Tips to form a study plan according to your needs are as follows:

Desired Score you need to obtain

The GMAT score you want to achieve depends entirely on the university or college you want to get into. In our opinion, you should score at least 20 marks above the class average to enhance your chances of getting a scholarship and admission. Let’s understand through an example: If the college you want to apply to only accepts a GMAT score of 730, your goal should be to get at least 750. However, on average, the GMAT score for the leading top 30 institutions in the United States is 711.

Calculate the time you need

Make sure to decide the estimated amount of time for preparing GMAT exam. Those who have a data-driven, dedicated, and reliable approach to GMAT preparation will need only 7 to 8 hours. However, this is generally the case with online programs as they provide active feedback and are more engaging. Practically, when it comes to studying through books, usually around 12 hours are required.

Monitor your baseline scores

In route to prepare for GMAT, you must also have a baseline score. But this is not enough, so you must have a comprehensive idea of which sub-sections in each section are your strengths and weaknesses. However, obtaining information at such a level may seem time-consuming and tedious. But, doing so will help you know whether you just need to work on your application skills or your regular concepts.

Generate the sequence of study

Schedule time off in your calendar to maintain interest, but make sure you follow your schedule and avoid other activities when study time starts. Other than this, Make sure to stick to one topic at a time. Don’t start learning another subject in the middle. Do not start learning another subject midway

3.Gather GMAT preparation material 2024

The GMAT preparation material is available both online and offline. Since GMAT preparation material is abundantly available online, focusing on useful material will boost your preparation. You can also refer to the official GMAT preparation materials, and it is advisable to choose the materials having relevant scoring algorithms as the GMAT. Also, solve questions from previous papers. A brief description of GMAT preparation materials is given below:

Thursdays with Ron videos

Official GMAT study material

Beat the GMAT forums and others.

4.Other preparation tips for GMAT Exam 2024

Here are some other GMAT 2024 preparation tips you should keep in mind:

Focus on your speed

To do so, you need to consider your time limitation. Give higher priority to the area that takes you the most time. For example, if you know you are taking extra time on the quantitative part, work on improving your relevant skills. In our opinion, you must solve GMAT mock tests on a regular basis to boost your speed.

Keep elimination strategy in mind

If you’re unable to solve a particular question, don’t waste your time on it. What this means is that you should not be obsessed with giving the right response. In case you get stuck on a difficult question, mark the question for which the correct answer is possible and attempt the next question.

 Work on your weak points

Initially, find your weak points and then keep an eye on overcoming them with consistent practice. Out of all the four GMAT sections, check the areas where you give all your attention and need improvement to nail down your skills.

Stronger your visual literacy

When preparing for the GMAT, also remember to work on strengthening your visual learning. Try reading symbols, charts, graphs, and tables to raise your efficiency. This is important because the GMAT contains visual data queries. Improving visual literacy skills not only helps you with time management but also helps you solve the GMAT quantitative section.

Practicing makes a man perfect

Don’t stop practicing until you appear for the GMAT exam. For regular practicing, go for the GMAT mock tests, sample papers, and free tests as much as you can.

Opt for the relevant skills

Since GMAT is a time-based assessment test, it is advisable for you to acquire skills that help you to a great extent while taking the test. Find out the area in which you are often weak and start working on it. By doing this, it is possible to prevent performance from being affected in the overall exam.

Managing nervousness and anxiety

When it comes to appearing for the national-level entrance examination, students definitely feel anxious and nervous. While preparing for all the other elements of the exam, make sure you mentally prepare on your own to tackle the stress and anxiety of exam day, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Some Tips to Make GMAT Test Day Successful

Here are the essential activities you should do to ensure success always with a composed and calm mind:

Appear at least 20 minutes before the programmed exam time.

At the day of the exam, don’t skip your breakfast and have light refreshments.

It is important to carry all documents, including an admit card along.

While giving an exam, begin with some easy verbal questions and increase motivation.

Don’t let any topic or section lose your confidence.

Take proper sleep one night before your GMAT exam.

Try not to discuss or review any topic the night before your exam.

Prepare for GMAT Exam: FAQs

1.Does the GMAT exam consume a lot of time?

Obviously yes! This national-level entrance examination demands great accuracy in terms of understanding from the students and takes a lot of time in preparation.

2.Can I prepare for the GMAT completely free?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of sources available. At the online platform, you can get a variety of study materials for GMAT preparation for free. Manhattan Preparation, the Official GMAC site, and others are some of the finest free platforms.

3.What are the top strategies for GMAT preparation?
  • Know the GMAT content and format
  • A well-prepared study plan is a must
  • Choose the right study material
  • Manage your exam-day nerves
4.Is GMAT tougher than CAT?

In comparison to CAT in terms of difficulty level, GMAT is quite easy to prepare for. This is because of its defined syllabus and types of questions and one can achieve the desired score with dedicated preparation.

5.Is there a negative marking in the GMAT?

And the answer is: No. GMAT is a computer-based test and the difficulty will depend on the performance of the candidate.

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