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Use your NMAT percentile, category, academic score, NMAT score, and college cut-off to estimate your admissions chances to top MBA schools that take the NMAT.

In accordance with the NMAT 2022 Percentiles and Scores of More Than 20,500 Candidates

Assess the NMAT Shortlisting Criteria, Cutoffs, Eligibility, and Admission of the Leading NMAT Institutions

Acquire knowledge of the minimum scores and cut-off percentages necessary to secure interview calls, in addition to the eligibility prerequisites for collegiate institutions.

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About NMAT College Predictor

Prospective MBA candidates utilize their NMAT scores to refine their selection of academic institutions. Subsequently, NMAT College Predictor proves to be beneficial. You are able to locate a list of the most suitable MBA programs for your requirements by utilizing this tool.

An advanced tool for predicting admission chances and selecting the best college, the NMAT College Predictor. It is both effective and user-friendly. Utilize the NMAT college predictor to capitalize on data-driven insights and eliminate uncertainty from the college application process. This tool assesses a variety of factors, including academic background, extracurricular activities, and test scores, in order to ascertain the probability of your being accepted to prestigious NMAT institutions.

Step of using nmat Calculator

The Enlightening Careers team developed the NMAT Predictor Tool 2023 with the assistance of a sophisticated algorithm in order to assist candidates in gaining admission to the MBA programs of their choosing. Applicants are required to adhere to the guidelines provided below.

Step one is to visit the Enlightening Careers website by clicking here.

Enter all required information, including gender, category, and NMAT score, in the second step.

Click the Submit button in the third step to observe the result on the screen.