Online BBA Course in India: Admission 2024, Eligibility, Duration, Fees

An online BBA course in India provides students with the necessary information and degrees to shine in the business sector. Students who have problems like not having enough money, not being able to transfer for studies etc. can complete their professional program through this online course.

Online BBA degree is one of them, which has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a three-year UG-level program including specialized syllabus, which helps students to move into the professional and business world.

Bachelor of Business Administration online has become the leading choice, due to easy admission, flexibility, and good education provided. Scroll the page to read more about the course!

online bba course

About Online BBA Course

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration Course. This UG-level programme takes three years of duration to complete; in online mode, the duration may vary though. Since the duration can vary, so students who wish to apply to online learning should review the requirements for the course carefully. The course covers on management and business principles, comprising areas like human resources, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. With projects, case studies, and internships, students can attain practical insights and prepare for designations in several industries.

Online BBA Degree: Course Highlights

Program Name Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Course Period  3 to 6 years
Admission Process On the basis of Merit
Course Fees (Average) INR 20,000 – INR 50,000/per semester.
Top Institutes/Colleges/Universities Amity, Manipal, etc.
Leading Roles Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Advertising Executive, etc.
Average Salary INR 4.75 lakh/per annum

Online BBA Course: Benefits

A student can benefit from studying online BBA courses in a number of ways. Here is the reason:

One of the prominent benefits of an Online BBA degree in India is the freedom to take exams from anywhere and flexibility with web proctoring learning mode.

An online course like a BBA degree opens the door for students to complete their education, even if they have dropped out or started their studies late.

A person having a BBA degree can earn Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh/annum.

With online BBA courses, students from all over the world bond and connect with each other. Due to this, they are able to gain first-hand experience in communicating with their peers.

Compared to offline BBA courses, online BBA courses are comparatively less expensive. Students who do not have the financial aid to enroll in a top-notch, expensive college have the option of attending a course this way.

Online study is very convenient as it provides complete freedom to the students to complete the program by choosing the time of tests and classes of their choice.

Since it offers great flexibility, you can learn and earn at the same time.

Learning from faculty members and experts from around the world exposes you to different perspectives, making learning more interesting as well as preparing you to perform well in the international business era

Online BBA : Who should enroll?

Studying BBA online is ideal for fresh graduates and all those who are just entering the business world to get their jobs.

Online BBA degree courses can help those who live where universities/institutions are difficult to contact.

This course is excellent for parents and guardians who take care of their family and simultaneously pursue higher studies.

Online BBA programs can be a good option for people with disabilities.

A person who wants to change jobs in business can easily apply for an online BBA program to switch to their desired roles and gain the required skills.

Students who have financial limitations or want to save money may find it easier to complete their studies.

International students can learn about business from an international perspective, which is increasingly essential in our increasingly connected world.

Earning an online BBA program can help those who are already in a job role and with that, you will become more qualified for a management position in the related field.

Online BBA Course in India Admission Procedure

In the online admission process, students will go through various steps. These steps include:

To begin, you must fill out an application form (online)

Remember to submit your application form with essential documents, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, and a statement of purpose.

Some institutes or universities may offer admission to students who have appeared for entrance exams or approved tests.

After checking the forms, deserving candidates may be welcomed for PI rounds or other tests.

Then they are told whether they were accepted for the seat or not. Students are advised to check the deadlines and standards for each course online.

Once the above steps are done, students admitted into the Online BBA course can submit course fees and attend orientation events before online classes begin.

Online BBA Degree Course in India – Eligibility Criteria

Practically, different institutes and universities have varied requirements when it comes to giving admission into Online BBA degrees. Therefore, in order to be eligible for an Online BBA Degree course in India, an individual is advised to undergo the common requirements given below:

One who is going to apply must have passed 10+2 or the relevant, typically with a specific minimum GPA.

Students who are not comfortable with English Speaking as the primary language may require showcasing numbers from proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Doing so will prove that you can speak English nicely.

Potential applicants must typically propel an applicant form, letters of reference, papers, and an SOP.

Some universities require students to show scores of regular tests like the ACT or SAT.

Best of all, work experience is not needed. Some institutes, however, can prefer pupils with relevant work experience.

Online BBA Course : Entrance Exam

Usually, there is no entrance exam for an Online BBA Degree course. Some universities, however, require good marks in the common entrance test, such as CUET, SET, NPAT, etc.

Skill-Set for Online BBA Degree in India

Students possess numerous skills to shine in the online BBA degree program. Following are the most essential skills you should opt for:

Self-discipline:Online learning demands staying focused. You also need to stay motivated.

Time Management:students pursuing online courses must effectively manage their time to meet dates for study and homework.

Communication skills:Communicating is essential for participating in completing tasks, online conversations, and talking to mentors.

Expertise in technology:One who is going to enroll for an online BBA course must have proficiency in using the internet, computer, and other learning tools online.

Research skills:To get knowledge for tasks, you need to do research online, so this skill is a must.

Adaptability:Since the methods and tools designed for online programs may change over time, it is important to know how to use them and how to adapt to them.

Online BBA Degree : Semester-wise Curriculum

The Online BBA course in India typically comprises various topics. One can fully understand how enterprises operate and work, as well as what they should do. However, the exact curriculum taught in each university may be slighter different. But, here are famous topics or subjects you may have seen in an online BBA course:

Semester I
 Communication Skills and Personality Development
Computer Fundamentals
Organizational Behaviour
Marketing Management, etc.

Semester II

Financial Accounting
Business Communication
Human Resource Management
Retail Management Quality Management, etc.

Semester III

Legal and Regulatory Framework
Financial Management
Research Methodology
Project, etc.

Semester IV

Management Information System
Business Strategy
International Marketing, etc.

Semester V

Business Analytics
Consumer Behaviour
Elective Subjects

Semester VI

Digital Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Elective Subjects

Online BBA Specializations in India

Selecting the right specialization for a BBA course can be difficult and hectic, especially for those who have just passed 10+2. With the right BBA specialization, you will not only start your career progression but will also be assured of securing your job in a renowned company. The leading specializations of online BBA course in India are as follow:

Digital Marketing

Travel and Tourism

Data Science and Analytics

Engineering and Project Management

Multimedia Management, etc.

Online BBA Degree in India: Top Colleges

In India, there are numerous leading colleges offering BBA degrees through online mode. Below are some of the top Online BBA colleges in India for degrees.

Amity University Online

Manipal University Online

Jain University Online

Chandigarh University Online

UPES Online

Online BBA Degree Course: Fees

Based on factors like the course’s quality, the university’s name and reputation, and where the university resides, the academic fees for online BBA degree courses may vary. In most cases, though, this course costs between 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh/per annum. It is noteworthy that the cost of course supplies, technology fees, grants, or discounts offered by the institution may also be affected.

Online BBA Course in India: Career, Scope, and Job

Since the Online BBA includes basic regular subjects such as management, marketing, and accounting, companies are willing to hire graduates.

One can get a starting-level job in human resources, management, sales, or marketing. With gaining relevant skills and experience over time, you can apply to higher paying jobs such as financial, marketing, or human resource managers.

Being a good candidate having skills and knowledge from online learning, you can become a good businessman, which means you can start your own business. The best thing about this course is that it offers different specializations; with the right specialization, you can go into fields like information systems management, foreign trade, and healthcare management.

After completing the online BBA degree course from India University, you can apply for the following job roles:

Retail Manager

Business Analyst

Human Resource Specialist

E-Commerce Manager, etc.

Top Recruiters for Online BBA Graduates

Leading companies looking for BBA graduates include Amazon, Google, Golden Sachs, Deloitte, and various others

Online BBA Course in India: FAQs

1.Is online BBA worth it?

A:Obtaining an online BBA degree from UGC approved is equivalent to a regular offline BBA course.

2.What is the duration of Online BBA?

In most institutes, the duration to complete an Online BBA is three years, further divided into six semesters.

3.What is the fee structure for Online BBA?

On average, you may expect to pay Rs 30,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per annum, based on the institute the programme is pursued from.

4.Can a student from a science background apply for an online BBA after the 12th?

Yes! This is because the course doesn’t have strict subject requirements, making it easier for students with different academic backgrounds to apply for

5.Which online BBA specialization offers the highest salary package?

Healthcare Management, IT, Finance, and Foreign Business

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