Top 5 Career Options after PGDM Course

In this competitive world, just being a graduate doesn’t make you stand out. This is why people nowadays are moving towards specialized, professional degrees like PGDM. And if someone holds a PGDM, which means a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, their chances will be ten times higher when it comes to lucrative job opportunities. The business world is undoubtedly a prosperous career option that offers status, better earnings, and opportunities to grow and learn.

With this Diploma course, a candidate will be able to enhance and groom their personalities as well as start their career efficiently and effectively. Best of all, there are ample career options associated with PGDM, both in the government and public sector. Students who desire corporate exposure will benefit through PGDM as it can serve as an important stepping stone.

top jobs after pgdm

Being a new-generation program, the Diploma in Business Management prepares students for real-world challenges related to the business world. With time, more job designations related to areas of management have emerged, resulting in the advancement of new specializations in PGDM.
Some of the top and most sought-after career options after the PGDM course are given below:

Top Jobs After PGDM Program

Retail ManagerSupply Chain Management expert
Project ManagerMarketing Manager
Accounts ManagerHealthcare and Hospital Manager
Sales ManagerFinance Manager
Operations ManagerOthers

List of Top 5 Career Options after PGDM: A comprehensive discussion

1.Retail Manager in PGDM

Retail manager is a good career choice after PGDM and ideal for those who are highly interested in customer service.

Retail Manager Roles and Responsibilities:

The person working as a retail manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a department or store in the organization.



Salary Range:
As a retail manager, you will need to implement plans that minimize a store’s costs and maximize profits.

Fresh PGDM going to work as a Retail Manager can expect to earn around Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh/annum.


The retail manager has to pay attention to ensure that the promotion is conducted adequately.
The retail manager is also responsible for ensuring that all stalls in a firm are working towards the day’s targets.
The retail manager will need to be familiar with information technology to analyze data, record sales figures, and plan ahead.
They have the responsibility of forecasting upcoming sales, monitoring and analyzing sales data, and interpreting trends to facilitate planning.
Maintaining awareness about market trends in the retail sector is also counted among the responsibilities of a retail manager.
As a retail manager, you will need to visit the sales area on a regular basis to get to know customers and solve immediate problems.Professionals with years of experience will be able to earn around Rs 8 lakh to Rs 12 lakh/annum as a retail manager
You will also be in charge of publicity by coordinating with the community in particular areas and local newspapers
Managing and motivating a team to increase efficiency is another major responsibility of a retail manager.
A person working as a retail manager is expected to go through upcoming customer initiatives and observe competitors.
Retail managers are expected to initiate changes to improve the company to make it stand out.

2.Talent Manager in PGDM

If you possess skills like communication, teamwork, technical, and leadership, working as a talent manager after PGDM is right for you.

Talent Manager Roles and Responsibilities:

ResponsibilitiesSalary Range:
· The talent manager plays a crucial role in forming and maintaining a powerful network of industry contacts for organization opportunities.PGDM graduates who are seeking a career as a talent manager may expect to earn between Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 Lakh/annually.
· They are responsible to negotiate and communicate effectively with the promising talents of the firm
· As a talent manager, you will have the capability to hand over the task as per the right candidates on board for effective outcomes.
· The talents managers are required to deal with different types of employees in a firm.On the other hand, experienced professionals may expect between Rs 6 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh/annually
· The talents managers are expected to guide and give the right direction to talent on professional and personal decisions that blow their career.
Working as a talent manager demands to have an updated and comprehensive understanding of the respective sector and domain

3.Health Service Manager in PGDM

Also known as a healthcare administrator and healthcare executive, a healthcare service manager would be an excellent career choice for those who are very well aware of business management and healthcare administration.

Health Manager Roles & Responsibilities:

ResponsibilitiesSalary Range:
One who is working as a health service manager is expected to direct the healthcare settings and implement new policies.
PGDM graduates who plan to work as healthcare managers can expect to earn between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh annually.
He/she is responsible for the strategic, financial, and regular operations of operating a polyclinic, hospital, and community healthcare organization.
Working as a health service manager demands to manage the cost, quality, and delivery of healthcare services.
Being a health service manager, you are also required to collect and assess data in order to manage and plan both systems and projects.
You will be able to work with both clinical and non-clinical staff.
As a health service manager, you are expected to supervise the regular operations of a healthcare setting.
You will need to manage professional, clinical, clerical, and administrative employees and staff in the healthcare sector.
An experienced professional as a healthcare manager can expect between Rs 7 lakh to Rs 9 lakh/annum.
You will be responsible for service delivery agreements and managing contracts.
One of the major responsibilities of a health service manager is to negotiate and coordinate with clinical and non-clinical staff in external firms. These include voluntary groups, social services, etc.
· The health service manager is required to assist Information technology systems and plan development and new provision.

The health service manager is required to assist Information technology systems and plan development and new provision

4.IT Project Manager

PGDM in IT Project Manager allows one to work with a private firm across various areas, including healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, construction, software development, etc.

 IT Project Manager Roles / Responsibilities:

ResponsibilitiesSalary Range:
  • Working as an IT project manager requires that you be able to complete the project by working according to a plan that is in the best interest of the firm.

  • PGDM graduates ready to work as IT Project Managers can expect to earn between Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh/annum.
  • The IT project manager has the responsibility of monitoring the completion of given tasks, delegating tasks, and setting deadlines to the project team by eliminating any potential risks.
  • The IT Project manager has the responsibility of setting objectives and goals, taking care of timelines and schedules, and defining roles.
  • He/she is expected to encourage the team to work in challenging situations in the firm and manage the resources in the firm
  • A working professional as an IT Project Manager can expect to earn between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 12 lakh/annum.
  • As an IT project manager, you are accepted to work out teams, resources, and budgets as per the client’s needs and begin the project by checking feasibility.
  • The IT project manager is required to lead, choose, and encourage the project group from indoor and outdoor stakeholder firms.
  • Every IT project manager is required to end the project – assessing difficulties and feasibility related to execution.
  • Monitoring and controlling with the help of a project progress track is another major responsibility of the IT project manager.

5. Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Manager Roles/Responsibilities:

If you are from an IT background, a PGDM with Information System Management is a lucrative career choice. Relationship-building skills and strong interpersonal communication skill is a must to become an Information System Manager.

ResponsibilitiesSalary Range:
  • The Information system managers are required to have strong knowledge in areas, including operations, technical support, or other relevant fields.

  • A graduate with no experience may earn approximately Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 7 Lakhs/annually as an Information system manager.
  • The information system managers are required to establish the networks and computer systems in the firms.
  • The information systems managers have the responsibility of managing crises, which may comprise issues related to software and hardware.
  • Information system managers are expected to train and guide fresh IT support staff and assist them in working efficiently.
  • On the other side, an experienced professional can earn between Rs 7 Lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs/annually.
  • They are expected to impart secure access to the network for users working remotely if required.
  • He or she is expected to form, plan, and implement the Information technology budget by discussing the best deals with vendors.
  • These managers are highly responsible for delegating tasks to the corporate developers, analysts, and support specialists and implementing technology whenever required.


1.What are the top five career suggestions after PGDM?
  • Information System Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Talent Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Accounts Manager
2.Which PGDM Specialization offers the highest salary package?
  • Operations Management
  • Information Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
3.What is the future scope after PGDM?

PGDM graduates can apply in the private, as well as public sector on leading designations, including operations manager, finance analyst, human resource manager, etc.

4.Which is better: PGDM Vs Masters?

If you consider the value and worth of your degree then it would be better to pursue an MBA course instead of a PG diploma. An MBA degree is considered to be the best in terms of academic strength, which can help in pursuing further education very easily

5.Why PGDM programme is best?

PGDM prepares aspirants to work in leading companies. Be it learning the basics of the modern business world or deeper concepts about it, students will be taught every aspect.

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